The Number One Home Rewiring Experts in San Pedro

We are the best, most honest, most reliable and most affordable house rewire experts in San Pedro. We have been for more than 30 years now. We provide outstanding service and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the house rewiring job that we do. You need a house rewiring if the residential wiring inside your San Pedro home is older. Older wiring cannot handle the power needs of today’s electronic devices and using old wiring for them can be a serious fire hazard. That’s when you need to call My San Pedro Electrician Hero.

We Get the Job Done Right

We strive to provide great customer service. We show up on time and with the tools and knowledge to get the house rewire job done right. We drill into the walls and remove the wires and install the wires behind the walls. Thus, there is no need to tear down the walls. We can also do the work without having to shut off the power inside your Santa Monica home for days at a time.

We Do It Fast

We work fast, too. The length of time depends on the amount of wiring and how big your home is. That also affects the costs. The more there is the longer the work and the more expensive can be.

For Your Peace of Mind

Instead of having to deal with three-prong adapters or worrying about a fire starting behind the walls of your home every time you turn on something electronic in your home, call us. We get there on time with honest, knowledgeable and friendly electricians who know what they’re doing and who will act professional and in a way that you will appreciate.

Call Today

We are ready to help right now. We need to get that free estimate done fast and right away. There is no reason to wait another moment for residential rewiring in San Pedro, CA. No need to continue to worry about frayed wiring in the walls of your home. No more need to worry about potential fires. Call us today!